Traci The Train – Kids Ebook

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Traci The Train – A Positive Kids Ebook

Meet Traci The Train! A friendly, positive and loveable locomotive steam engine! Through the years, she’s served the tracks of West Cheddar well carrying children from one place to another while always putting smiles on everyone’s faces.


Traci is the nicest and kindest steam engine there is, but not everything is going poor Traci’s way. The newer and shinier trains are becoming popular and are being used more. Those trains are both faster and bigger, meaning that there isn’t much room left for poor, old Traci anymore.


However, Traci is strong, and even though a lot of the old steam engines are starting to be used for scrap metal, she is able to stay positive and remain happy with the help of your child and her other friends. A young passenger (your child) doesn’t give up on Traci and gives her the support and encouragement she needs.


One day one of the bigger, newer, shinier trains takes a tumble on the tracks and needs some help. But none of the bigger trains can reach him because they’re just too big themselves. So the question is, who can reach the stranded train and save the day?



A Positive Happy Ending Kids Ebook @ Kid Book World

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5 reviews for Traci The Train – Kids Ebook

  1. Kristin K.

    When I read this book to my son, his eyes lit up and I could really tell that he was understanding the story. Great times! Thanks!

  2. Valerie J.

    This is a very good book for young children. It is short enough they will not lose focus! The pictures really hold their attention too!

  3. Edna S.

    We love trains at our home! Love good stories. Love cool drawings and this book has them ALL!

  4. Danielle M.

    Great book, thanks! Such a fun and inspiring story. Even better than “The Little Engine That Could”.

  5. Krista S.

    We live near a train station and so our kids are learning a lot about trains. When we read this book to them, they were really surprised and really liked it a lot! They enjoy the activities in the book very much too.

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