George The Great – Kids Ebook

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George The Great – A Positive Kids Ebook

There once was a cool, little car named George The Great. He was older than most cars, but wise because of his age. George has always been a positive thinker since the day he set his tires on his owner’s farm!


But no matter how happy and positive George The Great was, it didn’t stop the other newer, more modern cars from making fun of him. They’d say he’s just too small to be a good car and that he’s too old. But George knew that no one ever got anywhere in life thinking negative thoughts.


One day, a big accident happened on one of the country roads. The newer, more modern cars were too big to fit down the road, and so were the ambulances! But someone needed to be rescued and rescued fast!


Who could possibly save the day? Who was small enough, limber enough and fast enough to wind down those small country roads and get the injured person to the hospital in time?


George The Great!


A Positive Happy Ending Kids Ebook @ Kid Book World

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5 reviews for George The Great – Kids Ebook

  1. Lindsay C.

    Good and easy to read book! Not too long, but not too short either. Perfect!

  2. Annie C.

    You are going to love reading this story to your children & they will love it too!

  3. Ann M.

    It gives a child a warm and fuzzy feeling about being able to accomplish something, even if they are the little guy! Wonderful Story!

  4. Karen K.

    I really like to read feel good stories to our kids. These books are the best!

  5. Rebecca D.

    Yeah! The little guy wins and we are all happy! My son and daughter cheered. Too cute!

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