Andrew The Airplane – Kids Ebook

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Andrew The Airplane – A Positive Kids Ebook

There was once a little green airplane named Andrew. Not only is Andrew The Airplane smart, but he’s also great at his job. Nobody could fly like Andrew the Airplane, but now the newer and bigger planes don’t think Andrew is good enough to keep up with them.


They tease Andrew and tell him that he’s far too small to be a good plane. They say that he’s too old to fly in the air and deliver packages. The other planes start to get more deliveries than Andrew because they are bigger and can travel longer distances. Unfortunately for Andrew, he’s stored away in the plane hangar while the other planes become more popular.


No one remembers that Andrew the Airplane is great in the air and the world moves on. Packages get delivered and poor old Andrew the Airplane is left alone. Well, until your child comes along and encourages him by building his self-esteem and showing Andrew how important and special he really is.


A nearby town’s electricity has gone out and the people living there need fresh supplies. Now with most of the planes being far too large, how can the supplies be delivered using such a small runway?


Will Andrew the Airplane be able to prove that he has what it takes to deliver the supplies to the stranded townspeople, or are the big planes right, and is Andrew just far too small to be of any help?


Including beautiful hand-drawn illustrations plus bonus games and drawings, your child’s imagination will soar and their mind will expand as they discover new possibilities in learning.


A Positive Happy Ending Kids Ebook @ Kid Book World

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5 reviews for Andrew The Airplane – Kids Ebook

  1. Mary E.

    Airplanes are something that my daughter seems to have a fascination with for some reason, so this book was a no-brainer. Fun to read.

  2. Florinda H.

    My granddaughter really loves this. Thank you!

  3. Peggy N.

    You are not going to find any other short story like these that will teach such good lessons as well. Good book to buy for kids!

  4. Mary C.

    What a great book to read your child! Some adults could use the lessons too…lol!

  5. Mike F.

    Thank you for selling this book. My son really enjoys it!

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