The Great Gamer Gadzuki – Kids Ebook

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The Great Gamer Gadzuki – A Positive Kids Ebook

Gadzuki is the greatest video game player in the world. He smashes all the high scores and sits on top of every major leaderboard there is. No one can touch this amazing, young Japanese whiz kid. He’s just too good!


One day, Gadzuki goes to the video game store and he sees a very strange looking game cartridge. Gadzuki loves all games, but there was something extremely odd and inviting about this weird looking cartridge there at the game store. It actually started to glow in Gadzuki’s hands! Without a second thought, the number one gamer decides to buy the game and take it home.


Once he arrives home, he pops the cartridge into his video game machine. And when he does, instead of the cartridge glowing, his TV screen glows. Suddenly, poor Gadzuki gets pulled into the game! He now finds himself in a world he doesn’t quite understand. However, after years of being the best gamer around, it doesn’t take him long to figure out what’s going on.


Gadzuki has to beat each of the levels of the video game to advance. But instead of doing it from the comfort of his sofa, he now finds himself as the star of the game. Along the way, he meets a special friend as well as many memorable characters, including the mystery kid (your very own child) who helps Gadzuki on his journey. But will this great video gamer be able to defeat all the bad bosses and escape the video game land called ‘Flavor World’, or will it just be “game over” for Gadzuki?


A Positive Happy Ending Kids Ebook @ Kid Book World

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5 reviews for The Great Gamer Gadzuki – Kids Ebook

  1. Christy P.

    My kids are big gamers, like many others, and they really liked the story! Very cool illustrations. Soooooo fun!

  2. Diana S.

    Well, since there are a ton of kids playing video games these days, I thought this story would be one my kids could relate to.

  3. Jean P.

    My grandkids really like to play a lot on the Xbox. I know they are going to love this story and I cannot wait to read it to them!

  4. Deborah G.

    The way most kids are these days with games, wouldn’t you think they would ALL love to be inside one of them? This is a great story to open the imagination & teach them how to share & be kind to others.

  5. Deborah G.

    I am so happy that I bought this book for the kids. I recommend checking it out!

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