Buddy The Bulldozer – Kids Ebook

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Buddy The Bulldozer – A Positive Kids Ebook

There once was a dedicated little, gray bulldozer by the name of Buddy. He lived on a ranch with his owners Andy and Eileen. Andy and Eileen loved him dearly. Buddy did a lot of chores around the ranch like making new roads and clearing the way for farm equipment. He always wanted to be the best bulldozer he could be!


But not everyone saw it like that. Some of the newer, shinier, bigger bulldozers would make fun of him. They’d say “Look at Buddy, he’s too small!” However, Buddy knew there was no such thing as being too small. Plenty of small things are very useful. Others would say, “Look at Buddy, he’s so old!”


Buddy knew that with age, people become wiser and Buddy The Bulldozer was as wise as they come. He knew that being negative wouldn’t do anything but make himself and others sad so he remained happy, and held his chin up high.


One day Buddy The Bulldozer breaks down and nobody knows how to fix him. All the other ranchers are telling Andy and Eileen to scrap buddy and buy a newer, more modern, bigger bulldozer.


The big question is, can Buddy get fixed in time to help his owners do some very important work on the ranch so the farm animals will be saved, or will Buddy just have to be replaced?


A Positive Happy Ending Kids Ebook @ Kid Book World

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5 reviews for Buddy The Bulldozer – Kids Ebook

  1. Cheryl Ann H.

    My son totally loves this story. I bet yours will too!

  2. Robin R.

    Highly recommended! I bought this book on a whim and I am so glad that I did. My kids totally love it!

  3. Tina K.

    Since my husband works in construction, my son is always asking about the big machinery. Now he has read a fun story about it. Good book!

  4. Julie P.

    So much fun to read this book to my son each night! I recommend it!

  5. Kristie Z.

    I recommend this book and the others on this site. We have all of them now. There are great lessons to learn here and will keep your kids occupied for many hours. The activities are fun and challenging for them too.

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